Wednesday, August 31, 2005

On yer bike

I ended up riding my planned run tonight (did a total of 18km on my bike today, with my commute to work included), it served several purposes... it turned my legs over minimising impact on my tender knees and blistered foot, it meant I could measure the distances around the route for future run planning and it didn't tire me out as much - I am shattered!!

D'oh! Lonely Cardiff 10k

The Cardiff 10k this Sunday is looking like a lonely event as my Dad just sent a text message to say that he is unexpectedly working, so can't come and run as intended.

I'll have Sian as I have no idea what my time is likely to be, I think it could be better than the Langport 10k, but never having run 2 races in a week I am in the unknown...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday training run

Did six miles in 62 and a bit minutes. Ran with Sian, which was cool, meant that I could chat and run, keeping me to a much better and more even jogging pace ;o)

Day one of training plan went well, but then it is day one of 42 days, hehe!!

Sprint finish - Langport 10k piccie

Here is evidence of my blistering sprint finish at the Langport 10k on Sunday.
Thank you Sian ;o)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Shoes, Rowing and a lazy day off

Had a lovely lazy day today... no running, went and watched my better other half at a rowing regatta in Ross-on-Wye. I start my own attempt at rowing this Thursday evening... I am hoping it will provide a handsome distraction from miles of training. Spent a while online looking for running shoes to replace the cross-training shoes I tried out in the Langport 10k (with sore consequences)... found and ordered Brooks Beast trainers that I have previously bought from a specialist running kit shop... they are a half size smaller and purchased online, so fingers crossed that the whole thing works out!?!?

Upcoming events... might do a 10k at the end of September in Swansea with my Dad and fiancee (haven't decided)... originally thought to do a half marathon as pre-marathon prep. I am working on a training plan that should make my decision for me ultimately... watch this space ;o)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Cool running weekly total

From my CoolRunning log my weekly stats are thus...
Running: 23.8 miles
Time: 3h 55m 55s
Avg. Pace: 9:54/mile

Langport 10k - post race chill out

Post race, tried on fetching yellow race gift t-shirt thingy....

...not too bad, and no I won't post a pic of my blisters on my blog!!! Yuck!!

Langport Battle of Sedgemoor 10k

Well I ran in bib number 286 (my Dad in number 282), and I completed in a time of 58m 6secs. Very hot day, 22-23 degrees C, felt hotter in the direct sun on some stretches. Organisation was good, t-shirt at finish very nice, drinks stations in good spots (4 and 6k) - though I am not personally very good with cups on the run have to stop and drink from them, not a great deal of spectator support, though nice crowd at finish, good long finishing funnel which allowed good wind down before having t-shirt, etc. thrust at you.
All in all a very good run, I found it tough at the start carrying a drinks bottle because of a shoulder injury, the first 4k were comfortable if slightly quick, middle 4k more uncomfortable (had blisters and some knee pain), last 2k fine though clearly not enough left to lift the pace, managed a healthy sprint finish over the last 100metres.

[Note to self: ran in new trainers hence blisters, off to "Run & Become" for new marathon worthy pair (turns out pair from shop are cross-training shoes not runners). Also not eat chilli and rice night before... not good for stomach the next day!!]

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Blackpool Marathon - failure

[Sadly the website hosting the picture has since moved its archive - note added 26-08-2009]
Haha, here is a picture of me not actually really taking part in the Blackpool Marathon... I was registered to run, but was injured in training... the picture was taken of me running alongside my Dad at 20 miles to give him a drink and a quick pep talk ;o)

HSBC Cardiff 10k - Kidney Research

Entered the HSBC Cardiff 10k which was last year the KRUF Cardiff 10k (in aid of Kidney Research), yesterday online. I missed the postal deadline by a clear week, went online and found I could register through the RunnerWorld's website. Was worried about race number collecting and so on, so I mailed the organisers and got a fab same day reply from Shelley Bishop (Race Co-ordinator) - saying "pack in post once they get the info from RunnerWorld".
All fantastically straight-forward, I am loving the genius that seems to be at play in my home city ;o)

Will be my second year running doing the event after making it my first 10k ever last year [59min 35sec - official race timing].

[Note: HSBC Cardiff 10k -]

Day before first run of autumn season

It is Saturday, the day before my first "Autumn" (although its still August) run... a 10k in Langport, Somerset. I have not registered it is a case of turn up tomorrow morning with my Dad (who did register) and see if I can get to run. I have been running three times this week... just under 10k in an hour Tuesday, 5k'ish in 20 something minutes Wednesday, and 10k in an hour Thursday. [Note to self: get out tape measure and sort out the distances for my routes!!] There will of course be a planned finishing time tomorrow... anything around 57mins will be a good start. Worryingly I have a lot of distance work to get into with the Cardiff Marathon in 6 weeks time.

Free running

Hello Blog... this will follow my many and varied attempts to get fit to run a marathon and all the races along the way.