Saturday, August 27, 2005

HSBC Cardiff 10k - Kidney Research

Entered the HSBC Cardiff 10k which was last year the KRUF Cardiff 10k (in aid of Kidney Research), yesterday online. I missed the postal deadline by a clear week, went online and found I could register through the RunnerWorld's website. Was worried about race number collecting and so on, so I mailed the organisers and got a fab same day reply from Shelley Bishop (Race Co-ordinator) - saying "pack in post once they get the info from RunnerWorld".
All fantastically straight-forward, I am loving the genius that seems to be at play in my home city ;o)

Will be my second year running doing the event after making it my first 10k ever last year [59min 35sec - official race timing].

[Note: HSBC Cardiff 10k -]

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