Sunday, August 28, 2005

Langport Battle of Sedgemoor 10k

Well I ran in bib number 286 (my Dad in number 282), and I completed in a time of 58m 6secs. Very hot day, 22-23 degrees C, felt hotter in the direct sun on some stretches. Organisation was good, t-shirt at finish very nice, drinks stations in good spots (4 and 6k) - though I am not personally very good with cups on the run have to stop and drink from them, not a great deal of spectator support, though nice crowd at finish, good long finishing funnel which allowed good wind down before having t-shirt, etc. thrust at you.
All in all a very good run, I found it tough at the start carrying a drinks bottle because of a shoulder injury, the first 4k were comfortable if slightly quick, middle 4k more uncomfortable (had blisters and some knee pain), last 2k fine though clearly not enough left to lift the pace, managed a healthy sprint finish over the last 100metres.

[Note to self: ran in new trainers hence blisters, off to "Run & Become" for new marathon worthy pair (turns out pair from shop are cross-training shoes not runners). Also not eat chilli and rice night before... not good for stomach the next day!!]

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