Friday, September 23, 2005

Too much cross training, oops, hehe!!

It seems that I have gone and gotten caught up in the joys of another sporting temptation... that of rowing... the four oarsmen of the apothecary are coming along very well... and it even seems that I may have an okay stroke!?!?!

I haven't been for a run since a quick 2.5 miles with Sian around 10 days ago, my first run in too long will be the Swansea 10k this coming weekend... though it seems that it may be an excuse to be in the same locale as Joe's Ice Cream parlour.

I hope that all the trips up and down the river Taff have left me pretty fit, along with riding to and from work on the bike (which is stuck in middle 6 gear at the moment and hard work to ride just now!!).

The time I am looking for is, well... anything below an hour!!!! We'll see, I'll blog the outcome don't worry ;o)

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