Monday, October 24, 2005

Biking blitz

Ah, the bike, the simple elegant alternative to standing on a train platform for an hour on a Monday morning waiting for a hot, sweaty, crowded train... this morning reminded me why it is that the bicycle is the most flexible and straight-forward to get me to work in a good mood, and with all of the other benefits (cost, time, exercise).

I am going to try and ride throughout the winter, an incentive being a spanking new bike as a treat for my birthday if I manage this feat... albeit the worst of the weather may be yet to come in February!! hahaha

Filled out my rowing club application form last night, will cost a couple of hundred quid, but like the bike it is a massive investment in my future fitness :o) More about rowing to come I'm sure... hoping to run tomorrow, or Wednesday for sure!!

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