Sunday, October 23, 2005


I am beginning to contemplate the name of my blog... I might have to call it simply a training blog, as I can see my exercise time dividing between running and rowing. I had a very good session on the water today in the double scull with Sian (my lovely fiancee), I really, really enjoyed it and was taken by the smooth feel of a relaxed row. It felt quite like a zoned out run, there were times when my far from perfect technique felt grooved and sweet. I'd like to build on that through the coming weeks.

I will not stop setting running targets, and trying to better myself in that area. I guess what I am now centred on is simply developing my enjoyment of fitness as far as I can. Probably the original driver for change in the first place :o)

All is good, and I am going to try to develop a routine / plan that will fit into my working / resting week nicely and propel me forward with all my targets and goals.... watch this space (and maybe the blog title, hehehe!!).

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