Saturday, October 22, 2005

Return to trainer - route planning software found

After my brief flirtation with the sport of rowing, and hrm, sculling I have to start running again... if only to break in the new trainers that took ages to arrive [still rowing, but have devised cunning training plan, more later].

The big news with running is the arrival of a computer package that will calculate run distances from map image files (as long as you know the scale of the map), it looks absolutely fabulous. Sian found it and has bought it, you get five maps free on download.... oops, the name of the new package is..... AccuRoute V2 - from
Highly recommend it!!

The training plan for the winter is simply this.... rowing (sculling) twice a week, and running twice a week - long run and double sculling on the weekend, shorter run and single sculling in the week. Aside from the 'training' I will endeavour to cycle to work all through the winter... I would 'do' gym work but I am still 'under' the physio and will wait and see (they have recommended that I go to a shoulder class every wednesday morning, maybe starting this week.

Will let you know how I get on of course ;o)

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