Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Notification to row ;o)

I have had the now weekly e-mail, containing the plans for river (or non river) activities for the weekend ahead... I am out in the 8+ again!! Yippee!! It was tough but fun last time out, so bring it on!! That said I am a bit scared that I might get my technique picked over again!! Such is learning I suppose.

With the weather looking drier, I hope to get out in the 8 and the double over the weekend... has to be said loving the shoulder rehab that is rowing ;o)

I will endeavour to use a few more smileys after the comment received on the last blog entry :o) from Annie ;o) Sorry I couldn't locate your blog to return the viewing and commenting favor :o( Still great to get feedback :o) Of course there is the chance you can over use something too ;o) [note: author has daft sense of humour]

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