Saturday, November 26, 2005

Officially a rower ;o)

I had the pleasure today of finding out that Llandaff rowing club have agreed to have me as a member. They have a committee that reviews all applications to join, I have no idea how exactly that works (except that two members had to nominate me and that my application sat on a notice board for a fixed period), but was happy that I had the news and that I can use the fab facilities now with confidence (belonging).

It is a sad misconception that rowing is an 'elitist' sport, it very definitely isn't. It is not about money or even prestige, its more about commitment to the sport, if your clear what you want from it no one gets in your way. Do it for fitness, do it for fun, do it for competition, its all there for anyone. Its as cheap or as expensive as you make it. Much like any other sporting pastime, for example you can run any old comfortable sweat kit, or in posh expensive sweat wicking fabric, aside from the difference in price you can run equally well in either. For the want of an original phrase, its like any sport you just have to do it.... go on "just do it"!!! ;o)

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