Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Physio progress :o)

Aside from my bike problem skewing my mood, my physio session this morning was actually very good. It seems that my shoulder is getting there, it is much stronger than it was after my cycle crash. I am getting more flexibility along with the strength, I can't move weights as smoothly as I can with my left arm, but old righty is catching up. I noticed that the physio took me a bit more seriously today... I think because I unleash my legs by wearing shorts, revealing that I might actually be reasonably fit (I think the cycling has toned my legs, and the physio previously had me pegged as just a lazy bloke getting his arm working again)... of course been taken more seriously meant more weights, more strength exercises and more exercise stations. Bit of a tough session, but all good and very, very necessary :o)

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