Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Push bike - far too literally!!!

On the way home after a busy day, which included an early start for physio, I had a flat, a puncture, a blow-out,... a flaming long walk home!!! I ended up pushing my bike just over half way home. I had a puncture kit, but it was far too dark, and also cleverly had no bike pump :o(

Still on the up side, pushing a push bike all that way had to be good exercise, the ache in my shoulders is paying testament to that!!!

Also on the way I had to stop into the supermarket for breakfast... in the Christmas queues (yes, there are 5 deep queues of Christmas preparing nut cases in the supermarket) I saw the family in front of me spend 260GBP on one shop... 10 decorative cards, 9 frozen foods, 8 chocolate assortment packs, 7 bathroom products, 6 loaves of bread, 5 golden wonder crisps, 4 sides of beef, 3 french sticks, 2 turtle waxes and a lemon toilet duck fresher in a shiny silver box [don't know if that lot quite works to the tune, hehe!!]. Why does everyone go so mental at Christmas? There is no need for all those calories, you can eat a special meal with all the flavour of Christmas with the same calories as the rest of the year!?!?! Utter madness ;o) [rant over, haha]

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