Saturday, November 26, 2005

Saturday 8 rowing report

Well the now weekly row in the 8 was pretty good, mighty cold on the river but pretty good. I have discovered that I have to stop the cox's comments throwing me off of whatever rhythm I have gotten into, I have to listen but not let it rush me or induce a mistake. I have to stay as relaxed as possible, especially in the hands to row well. I am not sure that my fitness is quite up to the task proper yet, especially as the guy I have been most often paired with is a former decathlete!! Will have to take some drastic action ;o) Really got to make my training a priority, itching to run but not having the time with work and such. Will need to consider running in my lunch hour, which I generally don't make the proper use of (usually work through, snacking and getting on with work).

Still I am really enjoying the rowing and am looking forward to sculling with Sian tomorrow :o)

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