Friday, November 04, 2005

Top ten cycling to work tips...

1) Keep your bike in good working order.
2) Adjust your bike to suit your body, uncomfortable high or even low seat heights, for example, can be a killer.
3) Spend a good amount of brain power on calculating the best / safest route.
4) Ensure you wear reflective clothing.
5) Make sure your lights work / are charged. Note you are not allowed by law to afix a flashing light to your bike, but can wear one apon your bag / clothing.
6) Plan your working week so that you have a change of work clothes in work that you can used through the week (I tend to have trousers and shoes in my locker and take a change of shirt every couple of days in my rucksack).
7) Kit your office / locker with a coat-hanger... ikea do a good range (I know I bought one).
8) Invest in an odometer, it gives you speed and distance, etc. Makes journeys much more fun, you can always try to beat your time home... weirdly I never try it on the way to work!?!?!
9) Be careful where you lock your bike up, choose somewhere well lit, busy, etc. Removing anything that you think might get pinched... though you never can tell what someone might want!?!?!
10) Take account of weather conditions in how you ride, especially slopes, and sharp bends... I might post the evidence of what happens if you don't... found this one out the hard way.

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