Saturday, November 12, 2005

Training entry - at last!!

Well today the river Taff was too high for any real rowing fun, but we instead got to play on land. 20-30mins in the tank room, playing with stationary water, going through the warm-up... arms only square blading, body rock, quarter slide, half slide, three quarter slide, feather blading, full stroke.

We then did 10 mins in the ergo room, again going through the warm-up sets, and then maintaining 20 strokes/min with full slide. All the rowing went well, then we did some stretches with a guy whose name I didn't catch... some of them really pulled and left me feeling it more than the previous efforts. Something I have to work on there I think!!! The focus on core strength and stability should see me well for general fitness and more importantly shoulder stability (after the bike crash injury I suffered this summer).

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