Sunday, November 27, 2005

Two rowing sessions back to back

What was to be an hours outing in the double with Sian turned out to be a bit more... at first we were told we only had the boat for half an hour because we had made a booking cock-up. Then while sculling we saw the two who wanted the double in a quad cruising past, they shouted that we could keep the boat - so we did. After a good hour, we left the water after a good confidence building hour that included some sweet patches.

While we were taking the oars out Mary one of the cox / coaches (who has been taking us out in the 8 on Saturdays) came over and asked if either of us wanted to 'sit in' on an 8, as they were one down. Sian had been out for 2 hours or more, so I volunteered. It meant that I spent the next hour in an 8 with 7 women, and cleaver blades!!! I was fearful on both fronts, one - ruining their row (through my ropey novice'ness), and two - I have not used cleavers and was afraid that my technique would not accommodate them and lead to a torrid experience. Happily it was a fantastic hour of a session, not without technical shortcomings, but we got to put some pressure in, which was a welcome change from so much technical mind cramping sessions.

I think my first double session on the water as a novice rower was really really good, confidence restored... yet to be seen how my body handles all the exertion ;o)

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