Friday, December 02, 2005

Gotta stop the train bashing ;o)

I have decided that although taking the train has flaws, I should not bash what is in principle a good idea... mass transit is a very good idea. A queue of 1-200 cars sat going no where fast 200 yards from your front door is a very very real issue... each car containing 1 occupant (do car drivers not have friends?!?). From an environment stand point the train is far far far better than herds of automobiles, so despite the fact that my local train company is poorly organised and its trains frequently unreliable, I endorse the train as a form of transport.

Of course on foot or bicycle are preferable but trains will do when circumstances force a switch.... please note I still say this after standing in the rain waiting 20mins for late trains both last night (at 10 to midnight) and this morning ;o)

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