Thursday, December 01, 2005

Slow start to the day...

...argghh!! My puncture lead me to have to take the train this morning, the great transport solution of the future, the commuters passport to flexible travel, the mass transit option held upon high,... or perhaps simply a giant sardine can on wheels!!

Its a shambles, first train to full - I watched the train pull away with a slightly scared looking bloke pressed against one of the doors (no doubt hoping the doors design had his body weight factored into its specification!!), the second train had room among the crowd of utterly depressed looking people. Got to work suitably depressed, felt it was only right to try and fit in ;o)

I really need to find a resource that will inform me about all things bicycle repair... feel a google search coming on :o) Sian had a day off and agreed to take my bike down to a local repair shop... seems she was looking forward to the chance to see what bikes they had, and sure enough has near enough bought a nice new one :o) I should get mine back on Saturday - that long because it is also being serviced... I have spent the last month at least without the top ring set... still it did mean my legs were whirling round like the clappers to go anywhere... had to be burning more calories that way ;o)

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