Saturday, December 17, 2005

Stop thinking!!!!

My 8am row in the eight was tough, but only because I couldn't stop over-thinking the stroke and relax with the blade. As with many sports I guess it is very much about muscle memory and switching off higher brain function to some greater or lesser extent. I really don't enjoy the rowing up section at the start of every row, because my technique trips up during it at the moment. I get looser and more fluid from full stroke sweet tempo rowing. What I will have to do is warm up before any rowing on an ergo, so that I am already fluid when the rowing up starts.

We are hopeful out in the four on Thursday night, probably in the tub, but still I need technique time I think... to try and find that illusive grove. It has to be said that more fitness is very much required on my part to get the stroke right consistently. All these things I will work on.

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