Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Super entry... (been really busy!!)...

Today... rode to work and back via the physio. The physio is going okay though driving a car for 8 hours or more on Monday pretty much shattered all the support muscles in my shoulder!! Physio was pretty tough, I am hoping for a review soon rather than just the class, so that I know how I've done... and what problems I still have to solve.

Yesterday... first chance to ride to and from work after my bike service and puncture repair... the bike is absolutely great, I can even get into all gears now. The top ring is a bit of a struggle just now but I am sure I'll soon build up to pushing it round nice and quick ;o) Actually got home at a reasonable time, am shattered from so many early starts and long days... need several days of early nights and late rises ;o)

Monday... real busy start to the week after a crazy period in work over the preceding days and the weekend. Drove for over 8 hours to and from Bradford, work is just not a barrel of laughs at the mo. Aside from the stress of sitting in the driving position so long I did no exercise at all today :o(

Sunday... to and from work, plenty of issues and things to try and fix there... so again no real exercise. I did however manage to walk home from work with the lovely Sian and her fab new bike :o) It was good to stretch my legs!!

Saturday... up at an awful hour to get to the rowing club for 8am... I left the house carrying a toasted peanut butter sandwich (really must recommend that to a fast food outlet, for a developers fee of course!!) and a mug of tea (in a great thermal camping mug do da). The river was very high, though the landing stage could just be seen. We ended up doing ergos (rowing machine work) and then a session in the tank... more technique work. After the session we had a good chat with the coaches who are looking apparently to put together a four and eight from our squad for the summer regatta season. Will keep ya'll posted on that one :o)

Walked to collect my bike (and Sian's spanking new one) from the local bike shop, they / he did a great job... though some how all the damage from my big crash and mini crash looked much more obvious when I got it back... must have been the perspective of having not seen or ridden it for a few days. Ho hum, if I ride it all winter I promised myself a new one for the summer :o)

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