Friday, December 16, 2005

Thank crunchie its friday....

After another stressful work week, all I can say is thank crunchie its Friday... no that doesn't mean that I've eaten crunchies all day (though I did have a pack of wine gums!!).

Last nights first outing as a four was eventful, I caught two horrendous crabs... I was sat cramped in bow and not enjoying it. I could not flatten my legs and had a piece of cross-bracing battering my lower back on every stroke. The enforced truncation of my stroke lead to an awful lot of problems (though you could argue mainly in my head, think I was psyched out by the flaming stumpy tub we were rowing in!!!). My timing was okay, stroke short, but hand heights and oar clearance erratic. I am certain it'll only get better from this beginning... the four with lads taking it seriously is a different balancing animal to the pub and club shenanigans [not sure about that spelling].

Today on the way to work I had a back tire puncture, and pushed the bike to work from Tal-y-bont, d'oh!!! When I got to work I was even more determined to go through with my tentative plan of going to the uni gym. And so I went... and did 20mins on the reclined bike (variable intensity, resistance 6), 15mins on the ergo (covered 3582m, aver 2m06/500m, aver 24 strokes/min), then to finish 20mins on the cross-trainer (5min forward, then 5 reverse, resistance 5). All felt very good, legs are good and strong... ergo technique was a bit erratic, hehehehe!!

Will update training log later, honest ;o)

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