Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Yippee!! No more physio for me (for the time being, hopefully ever)... I had my review this morning and passed. I have to still do a few stretches / exercises, but otherwise I am no longer 'under' the physio :o)

I started going last august, a good couple of months or more after my bike crash (okay, accident in the rain on a sloping bend)... it took so long because of the referral system (d'oh!!)... but when I got there it was interesting. From the toughest physical examination I have ever had (all aimed at my right arm), to all manner of stretches, to shoulder circuit classes... it was all good and very very effective. I owe a thank you to all there, including the numerous physiotherapists that took turns to treat me through the various elements, Clare, Jess, Della, Sarah and then Della again.

The value of stretches and flexibility was demonstrated at every visit, and is a lesson that I hope never to forget. The rowing circuits do a broad range of stretches every session so my shoulder should strengthen further, with the rowing emphasis on shoulder girdle strength / conditioning to 'hold' the stroke.

I am a very, very happy discharged bunny :o)

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