Friday, January 06, 2006

Important year

This year already has the smell of being an important one... not bad to be having such a turning point year in my 32rd ;o)

One: I am getting married to the most fabulous human being on this or any planet.

Two: I will be changing employer sooner or later this year (have one interview next week).

Three: I am in a men's coxed four team for the coming regatta season (if we are successful it'll be an incredible first in my lifetime on the sports front).

Four: my family face its first full one in the light of my parents divorcing.

Five: [and the point of this blog (most of the time)] running my first marathon in October.

Six: all of the other stuff that is bound to happen in a busy year....

I really do like the look of 2006 already, and its only week one ;o)

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