Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just another manic monday, with a little icing :o)

It was quite a mad Monday, dashing about in work, and then making a rapid transition to the club to do a 5k ergo test with the crew. I did okay though slightly less than previously, 19min 21sec, I was not as calm and focused as the other time.

It seems that focus / concentration is something that I need to work on, I was too aware of what was going on around me!?!?! I also saved too much in the penultimate 500m, slowing badly before a storming last 400m, d'oh!! Its all good learning experience.

I tried cooling my legs with freezing cold water in the shower, following chat amongst the crew and my finding of some stuff on the BBC website Sport Academy and BBC Sport Health & Fitness.

As evidence for the slight madness involved I other you this gif, borrowed from the BBC Sport Health & Fitness page on ice baths... that is a tennis player, Lee Childs enjoying an iced wheelie bin!?!?!

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