Thursday, January 12, 2006

Stepping up anyone???

Blimey, just updated my training log and realised that I have already this week cycled 24 miles, been to three circuit classes, and ergo'ed.... I am ever so slightly impressed with myself, and really chuffed with my stepped up start to the new year ;o)

I am hoping it'll pay dividends later in the year both with marathon training, and with the rowing regatta season.

The circuit tonight was a bit more relaxed as I could run between stations which was oddly a breather from many of the stations... I don't enjoy the press up, squat thrust, or standing bunny hop station. I look forward to it getting easy to complete over coming weeks ;o) Might have to take a crew mates advice about ice baths after the Tuesday circuits though, hahahahaha... that one hurt a little on the fronts of my legs!!!

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