Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday struggle

Concentration!!!! I am suffering from two things on the water confidence and more importantly concentration. When I thought I did well in the four this morning but everyone else felt the boat was heavy and hard work... I felt good, flexible and strong... perhaps feeling physically good I didn't pay enough attention to technique, who knows. Still I enjoyed it, and it wasn't all together bad seeing as we had two subs.

I think the fact that I am not a natural athlete may be beginning to show, the second outing with the eight (again a scratch novice crew) began to show this I think. I was doing a lot wrong I think, but was being left alone because of the nature of the crew and the trips.

Lets just say that right now the solitude of running looks kind of appealing, sadly I am hooked on this rowing lark. I think I need a trip out in the double with Sian to help sort me out, especially relaxation and timing wise.

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