Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tuesday - interesting - circuit training

Tuesday night saw my first ever experience of circuit training, and rowing circuit training at that!! It was actually very good although I had steam rushing off my body for most of the actual circuit after the warm-up. The circuit had 22 stations, with a good mixture of tasks, though some were grouped in such a way that one muscle group was hit particularly hard for three or so stations. An excellently thought out and run session :o) I am to make it part of my regular week, with another one on Thursday nights.

Wednesday morning, I was not overly stiff in any muscle group, just had a feeling of general fatigue - which I guess is a good sign :o) Then it was off for another circuit... the physio class. As it turned out my legs felt fab on the bike, and in the class I felt good. It seems that this was my last class, I have to go back in two weeks for a 'review' consultation with a physio - hopefully that will be the all clear.

The result of all the circuiting = slightly fed up with running in circles [hehe] + all over tired in that good way + feeling really quite buoyant [that will be the endorphins then ;o) ].

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