Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Very, very monday off... "common cold?"

I am not at all sure what happened to Monday, it was totally unproductive in every way... work crawled, I cat-napped, got home and nigh on collapsed... I felt awful, lacking in energy. Happily this morning some energy has returned though not up to 100%.

I think I am adjusting to training, since Christmas I have ramped up my effort considerably. Also realised that there might have been a link between icing my legs (in the shower) and feeling rough...

BBC X-Ray programme article about colds and icing feet.
Borrowing a quote from their page, from Prof. R. Eccles (Cardiff University Common Cold Centre)...
"We've demonstrated in studies on students is that when we chill students' feet they're far more likely to get a cold over the next 3-4 days. What in fact happens is that chilling the feet constricts the blood vessels in the nose and weakens our defences against infection. The virus is already there, it's latent and what we're doing by chilling the feet is activating this virus and bringing on a stinking cold."

Hmm, I wonder, suffice to say I have put the icing of my legs on hold for the time being hoping that as I get fitter my recovery time after exercise will improve ;o)

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