Sunday, February 19, 2006

Catch up blog....

I really have had one of those landmark weeks, that sadly had no time for blogging. It was landmark for reasons other than training and personal fitness progress. That had an awful lot to do with professional and workplace stress...

[finally sat listening to Air - All I need (from the album Moon Safari), on a more relaxed Sunday morning, catching up some blogging]

anyway although there wasn't time to blog it there was training in the week...

Monday - gym session - my first serious attempt at weights training, saw me learning an awful lot from an experienced international decathlete - absolutely great.
I felt great the next morning, no aches, it was a really good session using all muscles and left me feeling tired in a balanced way. No one muscle group was screaming.

Tuesday - valentines night - therefore a day off from training. Did receive my "Go faster with Foster" training DVD from the ARA, have to find the time to watch it now ;o)

Wednesday - again weights, though this time on my own, a very different experience from Monday. The lack of guidance meant that the next day some muscles were complaining badly from misuse. Need to get more experience under my belt with the weights technique.

Thursday - River - in the dark with head of the river crew, started out heavy then I forced myself to relax / 'go blank' and my rowing was pretty sweet. Everyone finished the session having enjoyed a good pacey, light feeling row.

Friday - night off from training.

Saturday - very heavy pair of river sessions - by this point there was no ignoring the effects of a tiring and emotional week - I felt like lead rowing - the sessions were condemned as "our worse yet". Hope to bounce back, in coming sessions.

Sunday - day off from training at least, my shoulder is feeling pretty sore again, I think from angering it during the Wednesday weights. I hope the day off will sort it.

[Off to enter all this in my training table, and then to look up races for the year ahead... want to do 10 10km road races this year, if I can find them in the area and not clashing with regattas ;o) ].

Will also go check out Amber Mac blog and the commandN podcast for any good computing tips ;o)

Although the link still works [as of Feb'2011] the Ameuter Rowing Association (ARA) is know know as British Rowing. The other links in this post were also updated.

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