Sunday, February 12, 2006

Personal bests

Had my first attempt at a 2k piece on the ergo today, and so set a personal best, heheh. I managed 7m18.8s for the 2k, which was roughly what I thought that I could do, perhaps a little better I thought 7m30s was about what I might do.

We had quite a session on the river, in the Taff Head formation in the four... I am perhaps the weakest rower in that formation (technically and physically). I struggled most with timing the catch and drive, and it is rooted in problem consistently squaring the blade properly. Some of the issue is confidence in the balance, I seem to want to take care of the boat single handed, which of course is just plain daft.

Still it will come together I hope. Training and time in the boat will be the key I think.

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