Thursday, February 02, 2006


I the course of trying to play with the couple of pages linked to my blog, something was noticed in my weight loss trend over the years [link on the right blog nav bar]. I take more measurements at the start of the year than the end, looking back I began most of the last several years making new years resolutions and planning to run various spring time events.

What it shows are the effects of the seasons and motivations, later in the year I either forget the resolution or simply am enjoying the long days and activity so much that I neglect the targets. It is really very nice to have plotted out all the readings as I did allowing me to spot such a reproducible trend in my habits.

I would recommend keeping a diary, chart, or even blog to track what you are doing or losing over a long time frame. So that the things that are beneficial or detrimental will become self-apparent, and mean you can utilise or correct those little things you do.

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