Thursday, February 23, 2006

Working and living balance

Just lately the balance has been tipped firmly in favour of work in the work / life balance. It really shouldn't be as I am leaving my current job shortly, it is a truly weird sensation to be feeling loyalty to the work rather than the person/s you are working for... but then is this the trap? Gentle little reminders here and there "a lot of work went into that", "that cost thousands", "we can't let collaborators down"... it all makes me wonder if that bullshit is the modern control mechanism? Maybe its always been the control mechanism for some employers, guilt the good, nice employee into doing their bidding, even when the bidding is flawed...

...anyway, I have for whatever reason been suckered into too much random working (hours that is, well actually the work is pretty random too). This is all leading to not enough time with my lovely partner, not enough time blogging (with sport type content), and not enough time enjoying myself. Too much work makes Andy a very dull, tired, grumpy animal :o(

My new job (as with all I guess) offers the opportunity to redress the balance and create new good habits. I truly hope I pull it off. I will get back to tales of sporting do very soon blog, honest.

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