Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kit 'tastic

I am getting mentally ready for the coming rowing regatta season... so much so that yesterday I went and ordered another all-in-one Lycra rowing do-da. Figuring that having never worn one I should try one before the season, and the club kit order seems to be taking an absolute age. I found a nice black and white number on Godfrey Sports website, who are also providing club kit, figuring that way it could well be manufactured in a similar manner to my racing kit.... I guilty of over thinking and premature planning... yeah probably, hahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The exercise 'drug'

I am so happy to be doing some more exercise of late, I had a really horrible couple of weeks of work where I did the bare minimum. It is so very true that exercise is a feel good 'drug'... don't exercise and you suffer withdrawal.

I can believe that appropriate exercise is a powerful tool in addressing certain mood imbalances / disorders. It truly makes you felt alive and 'buzzy' to be active and on the move. I hope that my recent reminder will be enough to keep me from lapsing into inactivity again anytime soon... gotta love that natural high.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Lost blogs

I have been so stuffing busy with work that I have been unable to keep up with my blog quota :o( I haven't even kept with my training table, which is really very bad of me.

I have been keeping up with rowing training, mainly with water work. We had our first ever race, but we did not finish as we missed the finish line of the Taff Head by failing to turn right in Cardiff Bay having stormed down the Taff. It was a good row, but I couldn't hide my displeasure at not finishing, whether we rowed well or not my primary goal was always finishing. Still we have a busy regatta season ahead, where we can't really get lost ;o)

I am a fully paid up ARA (amateur rowing association) member now, which gives me a racing license and insurance... it is the first time I have been a member of a sporting organisation. I hope to win my novices this year which would rank as my first measurable success in a sporting arena :o) Here's hoping ;o)

I will try to keep up the blog and update training again as I am about to change jobs, although I am also getting married... so the honeymoon is likely to be another barren blogging patch ;o)