Monday, June 05, 2006

Coverage conundrum

Well this summer as most is a feast of TV sports... the question is how much telly time will these three get?

1) Soccer World Cup - 9th June - 9th July.
2) Wimbledon fortnight - Last week June, first week July.
3) World Rowing Championships - 20th - 27th August.

Well as one of the biggest sports on the planet you would expect soccer (okay, okay I'll be lazy British - football) to get the most coverage. But when it comes to the other two, taking a British perspective - sadly the one which is a world event and that as a nation we have success in will likely be barely covered - yes, rowing.

I am not looking at the numbers, but pound for pound, in terms of British people taking part in the two sports, I would guess that rowing isn't a long way behind in terms of numbers of the public regularly pursuing them... and I believe we have many more international athletes in rowing than tennis...

So the conundrum is this - Why will there be so little coverage of the Rowing World Championships????

Answers on a postcard please :o)

[Feb'2011 - links to the events were removed as they no longer linked active sites] 

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