Monday, June 19, 2006

Llandaff Rowing Club website

Well it seems like the Llandaff Rowing Club website is moving along quite a bit more than it was doing. There has been a change of "web-head" or "web-master", which has lead to the webcam and also a refreshed approach to the pictures from events pages [A few of our own pics have snuck into the collections]. **

It doesn't take a lot of fresh material to keep the pages interesting, just a freshness to the content... the ability to find recent events and current links... the only thing lacking is a forum / message board (even a blog :o) ).

Still its a better place to visit than it once was ;o)

**A further revision of the website occured in June 2012, which saw event pictures no longer part of the public site. A link to the old pages was removed. Further to my original comments the Llandaff Rowing Club website going from strength to strength and is far more useful / useable than when I first commented here in this post dated 2006.

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