Sunday, June 04, 2006

Well tired - under water rowing

I have now rowed / sculled for 8-10 days straight and I am feeling really pretty tired. My hands are in bits from all of the blade work, though I am oddly proud that the sore patches and blisters have moved over the week to be on the 'right' spot for holding the blade the correct way!?!

Yesterday saw my first submergence, we rolled a double scull over when both stroke side blades crabbed and left us so unbalanced as to fall in... it was an odd sensation in as far as it took what seemed like ages for us to finally overturn. We managed to get back into the boat and row back to the landing stage... all in all we learnt a number of invaluable lessons and also had our first capsize drill! :o)

I am hopeful of a day off the river on Tuesday, I had never thought I would get to the point that I would look forward to one. I love rowing so much... with the weather as nice as it is I will probably find myself rowing Tuesday anyway ;o)

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