Wednesday, June 07, 2006

When there is no "team" in "team"

It seems that even small teams (crews) can get tugged around a little... as far as I can tell no one in our crew of four wants to compete on a day when one of us is missing (for fear that a win might advance three us and leave the other behind)... I am very happy that we only ever this season compete as four... but we don't seem able to communicate any of this among ourselves.

There are external factors that come to put some pressure on us, though really it shouldn't... others have watched us and placed a bunch of pre-determined mantles on our shoulders... they are pushing to progress the crew as fast as possible. One reason I believe is that they would like us to progress such that one (and possibly two) of our number can then more readily be 'poached'.

We are lucky that as a crew we have bonded pretty damn good, and have worked really very hard together through the winter to all our benefits... I really, really hope the unit can stick together and find our own destiny this race season.

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