Monday, July 31, 2006

Breakfast time fun

Every morning during breakfast we get up early enough to catch a bit of BBC breakfast before work... I very often get a nice cynical start to the day by some bad news winding me up.

But the very first thing to note is who is presenting it (even our dog is addicted), you can find all the presenters at Breakfast team profiles... but we refer to them as follows...

Sian Williams & Bill Turnbull = the A-team
Dermot Murnaghan & Natasha Kaplinski = ugh, so not the A-team
Dermot Murnaghan & Kate Silverton = the B-team
Natasha Kaplinski = pout pout
Kate Silverton = faux Natasha (referring to Kaplinski)
Bill Turnbull = we like Bill we do
Sian Williams = she's learning welsh you know, lovely
Mishal Husain = replacment Sian
Susanna Reid = replacement Mishal
Simon McCoy = Tony (referring to Tony Stamp from The Bill)
Declan Curry = ahh, Declan
Chris Hollins = sport wally
Sue Thearle = what she's pregnant too?
Carol Kirkwood = breathy weather lassy
Louise Lear = the clothes stand
Helen Willets = ah, bless, still struggling with the early mornings
Julia Botfield = faux wannabee stuck outdoors

These are the cast of characters that brighten our morning [apologies for the names they are all in cheeky jest ;o) ]

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