Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nice sites on a rainy Cardiff afternoon

On a browse I came across...
TDR - The Danforth Review
and an article within the site about online publishing... "FICTION SITED: A Look at Fiction Online by Corin Cummings"
Looks like a good place to browse during a coffee break ;o)

The other place to go is Sianni's Photo Journal my wife's collection of photos of all kinds of diverse stuff (at least I forecast it will be as it grows - its still quite new).

[At time of checking this link (Feb'2011), unfortunately TDR is no longer... the link leads to a page explaining as follows...
"The Danforth Review was an online magazine published out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, between 1999-2009.
All content and a number of full past issues are archived at the website of the Library and Archives Canada."
...sad news]

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