Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sunny day in Cardiff

It seems the weather has settled down again in Cardiff, after heatwaves and rainy days, the sun is out and there is a breeze a blowing. From my office window cars are buzzing back and forth, while I endeavour to be vaguely productive... as I am blogging I am clearly not managing that!?!?

Other recent task avoiding web things have been...
Rocket Boom - watching the site struggle & come to terms with its new host.
CommandN - watching tech news.
The Ultimate Olympian - enjoying the mans pursuit of Olympic percentages and charity funds.
FarmGirl Fare - soul food.
Wlpan diary - interesting for someone who might learn Welsh properly one day.
Argos Online Store - looking for weights stuff of all things, ugh!!
Wikipedia : Llandaff North entry - doing my little bit to improve our local listing ;o)

You know I really should switch my computer off more!!

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