Monday, August 14, 2006

Week off... well its never really that ;o)

I enjoyed a week off work last week, which simply means that I spent the week channeling my work energies into a different set of tasks.... predominantly gardening... predominantly cutting and trimming things.

I was slowed up in my endeavours by my foot injury, I can call it that now as the treatment for the verrucas that I was given stripped my skin and left one area infected. I was hobbling for quite a bit of last week. It seems to have improved greatly since I stopped using the cream (at least I can walk better!!), and it seems that the cream whilst painful may have paid off to a degree.

Spent a couple of days at my mum's, gardening... spent a few days at home, gardening... spent a couple of days watching shows about, gardening - well okay that and 'Grand Designs' re-runs on cable... wanna find a building plot, dammit!!!

Despite switching on my computer several times over the week I didn't quite get around to a blog. Could it be this is what I do for a break in work??? Surely not ;o)

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