Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mixed up week

Wednesday saw me playing squash and playing with hand weights at home. Thursday saw me in work late and not able to make the twenties squad session (apparently only five or so did, which is a little worrying). Friday was supposed to be squash also, but I didn't have time with the crew meal / end of season session... as it was I out on my feet - between work and the training I was ruined.

Saturday morning saw me turn up for squad not knowing what to expect and finding myself in a pair, my first experience of pair rowing. It went pretty well for my first time, and we got some decent pressure and technique going at times. We'll only wait and see what we'll get up to next?!?!?!

We didn't look quite like this GB crew, but you get the idea ;o)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monmouth Head result, tough training and a question

Sunday afternoon saw the Monmouth Head and it went okay in as far as we won in the eight and collected a medal. I can't say that I rowed well because I didn't, my oar hit the water on just about every recovery, I was rowing about half stroke (what with missing the catch and washing out), I even managed to hit my own knees twice. The rating was 36's or higher all the way down the 2500m course, which just doesn't suit me currently, I still prefer the longer, slower, stronger strokes to get the power in more efficiently!! - until I get fitter and find some form of sprint ability.

Tough training is the Monday night that is the circuit, the Irish lightweight circuit no less (the Irish lightweights being current world champs apparently... I am however every inch the heavy weight and the spring needed for forty five minutes bouncing up and down is a little considerable for someone of 15 and a half stone!!!!!

The question now is what will my 2k ergo test result be next week??? I did three reps of 2k tonight aiming to stick to 1m 55s splits all the way... I did 7m 37s, 7m 45s, and 7m 46s which was pretty tough... I went a bit quick on the first one and they did get tougher, but I was pleased to get through the three without getting overly troubled... the question now if how can I do over a 2k one off maximum effort test????

Saturday, September 23, 2006

All systems go :o)

I turned up for my first squad training session this morning at 8am, thinking I would be single sculling as everyone was in crews for tomorrow (the Monmouth Head). But as I arrived I found they needed a sit in for a four, I sat in bow and thoroughly enjoyed myself (first sweep outing in a month all!!).

The four session was a little wobbly at first, but the "front loader" is a lovely forgiving boat. I got my hand heights together able to see everyone and see what was affecting the balance and what would best resolve the tipping. We went to half pressure and the trickle under the boat was a torrent... sweet :o)

After the session it became clear they were one short for the eight on race day... yippee... I get to a race at the Monmouth Head. Perhaps being available and happy to row either side will help keep me in seat reckonings ;o)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

20/20/20 = ouch

Tonight I tried for the first time the new squad training phenomena which is run for twenty minutes, ergo for 20 minutes, run for twenty minutes. As a (as it now seems) former runner I thought the running would be easy bookending a not too bad ergo distance. I horrible underestimation... pretty much feeling the direct opposite of last night post-training :o(

Stats: first run circuit in 19m 30s, Ergo 4867m in the 20m, second run 24m 30s.

Still the only way is up fitness wise.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Training back in swing

30 minutes of ergo'ing did me the power of good tonight... I really truly got the endorphin rush, what a natural high. I completed 7576m in my 30 minutes of work, though the machine then crashed and left me unable to collect split times and such.

I wasn't far outside of my best at the 5000m mark, so I am fairly happy that I can bring that benchmark down sometime soon if I feel like hitting 5000m hard.

Also, whilst there I was sounded out about a veteran 8 for the Taff Head next spring which was very welcome, having been in the 'feeling left out' doldrums over the new squad regime.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Squad pains

Rowing at the moment has involved a transition into a squad system which should have plenty of benefits, only I have my reservations... its seems it may be all about the clique and that law of the school-yard nonsense. I might very well be wrong, after all I am an old / young cynic, and it hasn't exactly been running very long.

What worries me I suppose is the whispers I hear around the club, as those who have been members for a few years say that the see the same thing every year. I really just want to row regularly, I will see where the squad leads and then make a reassessment down the road.

Training hurts

Training after the lay off hurt quite a bit... not so much in the muscles (they were relatively compliant with what was required), it was the lungs and cardio that really hurt. I am it seems out of shape, I didn't do anywhere near enough base work through the summer and the break the last three weeks has compounded that.

Ah well the only way is up... I'll just have to do the work!!

This morning revealed a telling 15st 7lbs on the scales, damning proof of what an hours circuit class last night revealed :o(

Much more training hurts to come I feel!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Three week slump

With the end of the regatta season I opted for a bit of time off, that and we had a holiday booked. I have done very little exercise in the last three weeks, and I can really feel it... I feel heavy and sluggish. I need to go some training, and tonight is the start of winter training - that should prove interesting ;o)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Peanut butter is still not my friend, but I can smile ;o)

I haven't had peanut butter in a very long time now and I can happily say I am not missing it... it wasn't though the source of my failure to lose weight it was just a very unhealthy addiction it turned out. I haven't lost weight since my peanut butter embargo.... but then again my skin is so much clearer, aha!

Did kinda count my chickens too soon with the peanut butter call... speaking of chickens, I am sure there are chicken jokes a plenty to be had at Smile of the Day. Certainly brightened the start of my Friday ;o)