Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monmouth Head result, tough training and a question

Sunday afternoon saw the Monmouth Head and it went okay in as far as we won in the eight and collected a medal. I can't say that I rowed well because I didn't, my oar hit the water on just about every recovery, I was rowing about half stroke (what with missing the catch and washing out), I even managed to hit my own knees twice. The rating was 36's or higher all the way down the 2500m course, which just doesn't suit me currently, I still prefer the longer, slower, stronger strokes to get the power in more efficiently!! - until I get fitter and find some form of sprint ability.

Tough training is the Monday night that is the circuit, the Irish lightweight circuit no less (the Irish lightweights being current world champs apparently... I am however every inch the heavy weight and the spring needed for forty five minutes bouncing up and down is a little considerable for someone of 15 and a half stone!!!!!

The question now is what will my 2k ergo test result be next week??? I did three reps of 2k tonight aiming to stick to 1m 55s splits all the way... I did 7m 37s, 7m 45s, and 7m 46s which was pretty tough... I went a bit quick on the first one and they did get tougher, but I was pleased to get through the three without getting overly troubled... the question now if how can I do over a 2k one off maximum effort test????

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