Friday, October 13, 2006

20/20/20 + 2k test :o)

Last night was my second attempt at the "20/20/20 = ouch" night, only I did my overdue 2k test before I set off!?!?!

2k test = 7m 3.3s
20's = First run circuit in 21m 34s, Ergo 4984m in the 20m, second run 20m 40s.

I was really very pleased with my efforts, not sure quite how I'm gonna up the 2k time in a week (the penalty of being late doing the first is that the next one is next week - we are supposed to do a 2000m test once a fortnight!!).

After a topsy turvy week - hence no blogging - I was chuffed to bits with my work... though I fear it'll hurt later, hahaha!!! ouch!!

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