Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Aches - Weights - Webcams

I have the beginnings of some interesting post circuit aches, I still don't think someone of my build should be doing the Irish lightweight circuit. But what does kill ya makes you stronger and all that ;o)

Got on the scales this morning to an awakening, I am definitely now up around the 15st 9lb mark consistently. The training leaves me feeling so tried that I feel I need the food, perhaps I am over doing the perceived compensation... and eating the wrong compensatory foods, hmmm... this one needs some thought...

Everyone is web-cam mad (and I don't just mean dodgy ones) my father-in-law is sporting one, and amusing my wife no end with his stationery office antics... and now the Llandaff Rowing Club has finally gotten things together and re-vamped theirs (I have updated the link) LRC Webcam... there was even signs of a boat earlier!!! hehehe

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