Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend = 3 seat

The two training sessions over the weekend saw me trying out the 3 seat, on Saturday I had to wait my turn, which was cool until I got in the boat and discovered my head was Swiss cheesed. The session on the water was brief, we had a second seat swap which helped somewhat, but being properly warmed up by then I was always gonna row a little better perhaps.

Sunday, I was seated in three again as there were absences I looked forward to a full session in a seat working out some of my many stroke issues... unfortunately another crew member cramped up and we didn't complete the outings planned. I had felt I was relaxing and improving through the session, and felt a little raw that it was cut short, but these things happen.

I am short on water time, and I guess I will have to engineer more (sadly, I couldn't take up a pair offer on Sunday as I had to leave to visit my grandad in hospital)... just gotta keep on chillin' and pullin' ;o)

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