Wednesday, November 22, 2006

70 odd days to go

I have recently set myself a 'little' challenge... namely to lose a stone by my birthday. This could prove difficult given my weight loss trend over the years has involved a consistent Christmas period 'wobble'. The challenge is my way of trying to combat this 'wobbly' phase of the year and see me through to the spring in good shape.

With all the training, I am figuring that the only real change necessary is to stop the snacks and watch the food intake a tad... sounds simple but for a man with a 2-3 chocs, pack of wine gums, 3-4 soft drinks habit a day its gonna be a bit of a struggle.

Way I am going about it? With prepared food from home, a set daily menu if you will... this combined with four meals a day... that's right four... breakfast, lunch 1, lunch 2 and dinner. The trick I aim to employ is the two part lunch... one at eleven a.m. roughly and the other at two p.m. roughly... cutting lunch in two and smoothing out the consumption rate and any energy / glucose dips through the working day.

We'll see what happens... start weight was 15st 7lbs.

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