Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007's eve

Well I wonder just how many blog entries around the globe will be doing exactly this and commenting on the eve of 2007?? More than a couple I'd wager... is a New Year really all that? You can make resolutions any time, you can see old friends and family any time, you can get plastered (blind) drunk any time, you can get caught up in mass excitement / depression any time... why is one day any better for all of the above than all other 365 days a year?

I read a great holiday book this festive season... Danny Wallace's "Join Me: The True Story of a Man Who Started a Cult by Accident"... quite the inspiration about how to make a difference every day, and how he gave many people the 'excuse' / 'nudge' into committing random acts of kindness in their daily lives. I reckon its well worth a read, and highlights just why actions on one day isn't terribly valuable its what you do every day.... ah, but anyway "Happy New Year" should you find this amongst those millions of New Years blog entries!! ;o)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of the year summary

Well I can't seem to migrate my blog to the new blogger just yet, but maybe in the new year I'll get hold of those new blogging tools.

This year, delivered rowing ups and downs, very little running, an awful lot of movement (not just cycling to work nearly every day), getting married and posting really quite a bit (a few too often from work probably). My blog began the year getting visitors but a brief dilly-dally with AdSense put an end to that, perhaps they thought I'd sold out... I don't think I was trying to do that I was more curious about it than anything... it was so rubbish I ended the experiment and re-gigged my blog (complete with new title, i.e. "on the run" to "on the move").

The main (and in fact) only regular reader is now my wife... who I seem to entertain with a high degree of success ;o) Perhaps the new year will entertain a few more 'customers'... the blog will continue to chart my activities as I try to get fit and even that little bit slimmer (not sure about that goal, fitter may have to do).

My goal of losing a stone of weight by my birthday had stalled as predicted with the festive feasting, but the damage doesn't look too bad (more on that to follow...).

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Continuing progress ;o)

The great weight challenge is still moving in the right direction, with a lovely 14st 13.5lbs this morning, sneaking below the 15st mark, nice! The real question remains though... how long will I stay below the 15st threshold?

Historically I haven't been able to stay below 15st for more than a few weeks... hopefully with the training having stepped up with the rowing squad at the moment, my biggest fear though is Christmas excess. Even eating less than normal the calories in most Xmas food is higher than in average fodder!! We'll just have to see where I get to by the first week in January I guess.

Training is going well, although the politics of the place get a little grating, but its all part of the merry go round I guess... I'm just gonna keep on training and keep on getting fit and staying on the move :o)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Progress ???

Well on Sunday I measured progress and I am moving in the right direction, 15st2lbs is lighter than I've been in quite a while. Its not going to be easy getting below 15st, I've only dipped down there in the last 5 years, and not stayed there very long.

Cutting out the snacks and doing some core exercises to target the male pattern fatness around the middle / kidney area, seem to be doing the trick. If I manage to keep this going it would be something a bit special as Christmas is normally a gaining rather than losing period. Its nice to be in the positive feedback loop of losing a little weight and feeling the benefit of exercise at the same time, each reinforcing the other :o)