Sunday, December 10, 2006

Continuing progress ;o)

The great weight challenge is still moving in the right direction, with a lovely 14st 13.5lbs this morning, sneaking below the 15st mark, nice! The real question remains though... how long will I stay below the 15st threshold?

Historically I haven't been able to stay below 15st for more than a few weeks... hopefully with the training having stepped up with the rowing squad at the moment, my biggest fear though is Christmas excess. Even eating less than normal the calories in most Xmas food is higher than in average fodder!! We'll just have to see where I get to by the first week in January I guess.

Training is going well, although the politics of the place get a little grating, but its all part of the merry go round I guess... I'm just gonna keep on training and keep on getting fit and staying on the move :o)

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