Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Uno" new year!!

Its the new year what will the first weigh on of the new year produce tomorrow morning, after some last minute over eating today I now fear the worst.

Discovered great new game last night as new year was ushering itself in "Uno" (I had played as a kid, but this was the full version with scoring and everything) - lets just say as a game its very sedentary and you nibble too much whilst playing but it is very addictive even if your not the best player, ahem... never mind!!

New year "on the move" plans now include a potential allotment (heaps of blogging potential there I fear, hehe), should keep me moving and productive for this year... which although not strictly mapped out yet looks like one of my busier ;o) As I have been known to mutter, "bring it on"!!!

PS. musing over joining "join me!"... random acting of kindness have a certain appeal :o)

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