Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Take a brake

Whoops, well it seems I've been rubbish lately, busy doing organising stuff for rowing club entries, actually rowing and training. And a myriad of other stuff to long winded to recap

Suffice to say a few things suffered, I did not make my lose a stone target though I did lose some :o) I haven't been riding my bike all that much because I didn't get around to getting my brakes fixed, I've had lots of meetings to attend which have made the train more attractive on work days, and lots of other stuff.

Still I have remembered my blog and will try to update more frequently again, especially as we now have an allotment to blog about also :o)

Off to make a cup of tea and think about all things work, and how wet I'll get riding home - yes, the brakes are fixed, back on the biking vibe ;o)

Cloudy, windy, showers.